As outlined in the BECC-NADB charter, 10 percent of the bank’s capital was designated for community adjustment and investment projects in the two countries. Each country has independently developed a program within this framework to address its specific needs. Unlike NADB’s environmental program, the projects funded under these programs are not limited to communities located within the border zone and do not require BECC certification.

U.S. Domestic Program

The U.S. Community Adjustment and Investment Program (USCAIP) has a loan and grant program, both of which are designed to assist communities and the private sector in creating new jobs and preserving existing jobs in areas adjusting to changes in their economies as a result of NAFTA. For more detailed information about this program, visit the USCAIP website or please contact:

Sylvia Lopez Gaona
203 South St. Mary’s, Suite 300
San Antonio, TX 78205
Tel. (210) 231-8000
Fax: (210) 226-5592

Mexican Domestic Program

The Mexican domestic program, Programa Complementario de Apoyo a Comunidades y Empresas, is designed to support basic infrastructure development throughout Mexico, as well as to help communities and businesses benefit from NAFTA. This program is administered by the Mexican federal development bank, Banco Nacional de Obras y Servicios Públicos, S.N.C. (Banobras). To learn more about the program, contact Banobras.



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